What is the Five Xpress?

Five Star Xpress offers a fun and educational program for students ages 12 to 18.

Our program is aimed at developing (their) English language skills, interpersonal skills as well as fostering a boader understanding of cultural awareness.

We understand that every student is unique. Each student brings with them their own cultural perspective as well as their own unique learning style. Our curriculum is therefore designed to address and embrace these differences while ensuring that students get the most out of their expereince with us. Our program strives to encourage independence, promote personal-growth and offer the autonomy to engage their personal interests. We continually modify our curriculum to create a suited to directly fulfill the needs of our students.

Our program combines the benefits of individual work and cooperative learning. We believe that healthy competition – through treasure hunts, personal scrapbooks, oral presentations and secret challenges – creates more opportunities for creativity and critical thinking and stretches the limits of student potential. Our program motivates our student to collectively compete for the coveted trophy and the esteemed title of FiveStarXpress Champions!

Our experienced team of (administrative and academic staff) promise to give our students the best experience of their lives. The memories created with Five Star Xpress will never be forgotten. Join us for a memorable experience!
Five Star Xpress brings together current teaching techniques with years of industry experience to help students achieve their language goals while touring Toronto, Canada. Our staff are qualified to help students in a variety of roles from activity coordinators to academic counselors to administrative support. We are dedicated to meet your needs.
The benefits of learning a language through CULTURAL IMMERSION are far reaching. Years of research has shown it to benefit academic education, cognitive skill development, career opportunities, and cultural understanding. Our students will interact with the Canadian culture and communicate with other English language speakers. Through continuous exposure to the language and by regularly interacting with the society, we help students put your own life in perspective and creates more compassionate individuals, something that is essential in the world we live in today.

We believe that learning is best remembered when it is centered around student interest. By adhering to CREATION-BASED LEARNING, we encourage our students to engage with their own learning process from the very beginning and throughout. This active approach to learning ensures our students manipulate the curriculum, focussing on the content that truely interests them.
This approach to learning challenges students to solve problems and find the answers to their questions. Students work toward their answers and have the opportunity to develop their knowledge at their pace. This approach also serves to enhance student engagement as they use their newly acquire language skills to listening, speaking, reading and writing.