Our Education Responsibility

At Five Star Xpress, we are aware of the educational needs of young learners in this modern society. For this reason, Five Star Xpress wants every student to experience academic and cultural values through our programmes.


  • We offer cultural experience + academic studies for students from all over the world
  • We encourage our students to actively learn and reach their potential
  • We provide our students with a safe and nurturing learning environment


  • Every student has different interests and a unique learning style. Our creation- based learning approach allows us to work with each student individually and ensure they are reaping the results.
  • We engage our students with current and relevant issues


  • We encourage our students to become life long learners
  • Students anonymously evaluate our program to ensure program quality is continuously kept and maintained.


  • Learning happens both inside and outside of the classroom. By introducing students to the Canadian culture, students will develop a greater sense of cultural identity and cultural awareness.
  • Our experienced and qualified staff go above and beyond to provide our studnets with the best experience of their lives.