The best summer and winter camps for teens

Keep the kids entertained all season long with these fun, interactive camps and clubs in Canada

Xpress Sports

Experience Sports Camps at Five Star Xpress. Our caring and professional instructors can help your child become a more inspired athlete. Our camp provides a great environment to better your game, meet new friends, laugh, and have some fun.

Xpress Tech & Science

Beginner friendly, hand- on camp for those who are curious about technology. Covering topics like video game coding, java programming, robotics, filmmaking, and more. Students can create their own animation sequence, design a wearable tech outfit, build their own laptop, or 3D print something.

Xpress Language

Join our 4-week program and experience as much of Canada as possible. Enjoy popular tourist attractions and enjoy the cuisines of various cultures around the world. Meet new friends and see the world in one city.